What NOT to do When Selling Your Cedarburg Home

What NOT to do When Selling Your Cedarburg Home

  • Jaime Lubner
  • 03/23/23

Cedarburg is a charming Wisconsin city that buyers love for its historic atmosphere, tight-knit community vibes, and local shops and galleries. Thanks to area perks like four large festivals, the Cedarburg Art Museum, and shopping in the historic downtown, sellers can expect their homes to have a high level of appeal. Even so, sellers should partner with an expert local agent to navigate the selling process without all the stress.

When selling a home, there are several steps that are integral to the journey. Of course, you want to ensure that your home makes a grand entrance on the market and attracts the highest offers possible. Thankfully, teaming up with a professional local agent is the best way to avoid common seller mistakes and costly missteps. So, when selling your home on the Cedarburg real estate scene, here are things not to do if you’re aiming for success.

Being unprepared

Selling a home is a serious time commitment with numerous steps involved, so sellers should evaluate their lifestyle to ensure that they are ready to go all in before starting. Consider personal factors like responsibilities to a family or a demanding job. Also, carefully consider whether or not you’re ready to leave your current home and neighborhood behind, as this is an emotional decision. Then, decide whether you have the resources to move your belongings to another property once you’ve sold. Knowing if you’re ready to sell will save you financial and emotional turmoil throughout the process.

Selling by yourself

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Although it’s possible to list your Cedarburg home for sale on your own, it’s very challenging to navigate the selling process without professional guidance and advice. Sure, you will save on an agent’s commission, but FSBO homes regularly sell for lower prices in the end. Most homeowners also lack the real estate experience and connections necessary to find buyers, market a home, and negotiate an offer effectively. Even if they devote extra hours to research and preparation, a seller is more likely to make mistakes that cost them a sale or leave money on the table.

An agent has the expertise and tools necessary to complete a successful home sale without all the stress. They can answer all the questions you have along the way about the selling process, legal paperwork, and market trends. An agent will also actively search for buyers, resulting in a quicker listing, and they will coordinate open houses and tours.

In addition, it’s important to note that many buyers’ agents are also less willing to work directly with a seller. Having an agent on your side ensures you get an equal opportunity with all buyers.

Neglecting research

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Failing to research important factors like market trends, median prices, and buyer demand can derail a home sale. For example, those who sell during a buyer’s market must compete against more inventory with fewer buyers searching for properties. This creates lower prices and longer listing times.

In addition, if you fail to do your research, you may end up listing at an inopportune time. For example, in areas with seasonal weather patterns like Cedarburg, selling during the winter can be more challenging. This is because harsher weather, shorter days, and the holiday season all deter buyers from making a home purchase.

Another essential component of research is assessing the local market trends and coming up with a list price. An agent will evaluate the fluctuations in the market and complete a comparative market analysis to help sellers price their listings accurately. A competitive price ensures sellers attract as many buyers as possible.

Ignoring preparations

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Sellers shouldn’t discount the impact of aesthetic appeal when listing their homes. Because many buyers first see properties online, creating an attractive home appearance is key in sparking initial interest. Deep cleaning all areas of the house is an essential first step to making your property presentable and gorgeous. Also, declutter your home for a more spacious and organized look. Stage important rooms like the kitchen, living room, and master bedroom to help buyers imagine the property as their own.

By teaming up with a skilled local agent, you’ll have expert insight regarding what buyers are hoping to see, which renovations may be worth the effort, and how to stage your home effectively.

Skipping out on marketing

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Successful marketing is crucial, as you want as many prospective buyers as possible to view your Cedarburg home for sale. Skipping out on marketing techniques or cutting corners on things like professional photography and home showings will cause your listing to linger on the market. Rather, invest resources into clear, high-quality photos, and be as available as possible when accommodating home showings. Much of marketing is an agent’s responsibility, and they will be well-versed in tried-and-true methods to get your home seen and sold in no time.

Negotiating stubbornly

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Stay open-minded and as objective as possible when making negotiations with buyers. Allowing your emotions to overwhelm your judgment can lead to hasty or regrettable decisions. Alternatively, being preoccupied with the offer price only can cause a seller to overlook a buyer’s qualifications or other terms of the offer. Work with an agent to think through all your options and choose the one that is the best for your situation.

Underestimating costs

Not planning out costs can leave sellers in a difficult situation after their Cedarburg real estate sale is finalized. Think through fees like agent commissions, sellers’ closing costs, any costs related to repairing and staging the home, as well as moving expenses.

Ready to sell your Cedarburg home?

Partnering with a local agent is the best way to avoid mistakes when selling your home on the Cedarburg real estate market. With the market knowledge and connections needed to price your home competitively, prepare your property to look amazing at every turn, and show your listing effectively, you can ensure that your transaction goes without a hitch. When you’re ready to sell your home, contact trusted local agent Jaime Lubner to guide you through the process.

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